Security Consulting & Risk Management

Every private, commercial or government organisation in New Zealand is exposed to a range of security risks. We have the expertise to identify which risks require management, then design a professional security framework that will minimise or eliminate those risks. Before any risk can be reduced or removed, the risk must be assessed.

The fundamental basis of any security risk assessment is to rate the risk in accordance with the Australia New Zealand Risk Management Standard (AS/NZISO 31000:2009).

A security risk assessment will include:
  • Analysis of existing security measures
  • Identification of weaknesses in security
  • Recommendations for improvement

We provide a risk and security management consulting service to the private, commercial and governmental sectors. Our qualified security consultants will review your current security processes and procedures, then provide recommendations for improvements. Our experience has shown that business owners, company managers and corporate executives are often unaware of the potential threats to their organisations.

We have managed complex investigations and security assignments, such as when disgruntled employees have carried out criminal acts or antisocial type behaviour that impacts our clients organisation or your public reputation. We have the expertise and experience to identify and mitigate potential risks or to manage any security threat to your business or organisation. While we’re based in Wellington, New Zealand, we can work anywhere in the world.


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