Threats in our lives have increased over recent years. For your own safety, don't cut corners with your security. 

Are you planning an event or have you been tasked with managing the security needs of your organisation? Your job is stressful enough without having to be concerned about possible security issues, including inexperienced security guards who may risk the integrity of your brand or reputation.

We appreciate that the security personnel we supply need to reflect your brand and culture, so each one of them goes through a rigorous training, induction, and assessment regime. They are fully aware of their rights and obligations regarding health, safety, and the environment. As a 100% New Zealand owned security company, we pride ourselves on our approach to innovation, technology and sustainability.


GuardHire is our uniformed division of security guards. It was launched to meet growing demands in the market for a reliable, accountable and cost-effective provider of professionally trained security guards. Our team guards deliver the highest-level of security for people, assets, equipment, valuables and infrastructure.


Specifically trained retail security and loss prevention teams that have made a difference to loss of products to big box retailers. As a result of an increase in 'ram raids' and organised teams of offenders stealing product from retailers, StoreGuard provides trained security personnel. Our team focus on reducing loss and proactively managing risk within a retail setting. The presence of our people also provides a sense of comfort to front line retail staff who can be subject to abuse, intimidation and acts of violence. 


Exceeds the demands in the market to provide security to de-escalate incidents within the hospitality sector. This proactive approach has reduced alcohol related incidents and harm to patrons. BarWatch adds value by providing highly-trained specialists who are personable, engaging and professional - their role extends beyond security to provide an element of safety. The specialists also remain vigilant with a focus on reducing threats of violence, intimidation and the consumption of alcohol (enforcing liquor management/licensed premises regulations). 

Security for events and private functions

Are you planning a public event or private function? We provide friendly and engaging security professionals who know how to provide a safe and secure environment for everyone. We have event security personnel to assist with security and crowd control for public events, private functions and corporate meetings. From event security teams and personal protection officers to trained event medics and rapid response personnel, we provide our seamless bespoke security service is suitable for any occasion. 

Security for diplomatic personnel

Our skilled, uniquely highly-trained and internationally experienced diplomatic security team understand the environment and complexities of providing protection for diplomatic posts and international embassies. We offer a diplomatic security and protection service in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. A number of our team are former members of the diplomatic protection service, where they gained with experience managing the security requirements for consulate locations. 

Security for film and television 

We have been providing our range of security services to the film and television industry since 2001. Our team of high-caliber security guards and personal protection officers will manage any security concern, on or off location. We develop standard operating procedures procedures to mitigate any risk to your production. Our specialised film security team understand the need for a high-level of discretion and confidentiality at all times.

Security trained drivers 

We provide trained security officers and personal protection officers, who can also act as your tour guide or chauffeur. Our executive transport partner offers a luxury transfer service in style to any destination in Wellington or throughout New Zealand. Our team are police vetted, government licensed and professionally trained security trained drivers. The vehicles are high-quality and immaculately presented.